Step #5 — Grow an Email List and an Audience

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And then promoting his speaking offers in his main navigation.

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🎓 Step by Step Guide: How to Make Money Blogging

Step #1 — Pick the Right Niche

1. Can you find 5 small, specialized blogs ranking well on Google?

2. Can you reproduce these blogs’ monetization?

3. Is the niche growing, shrinking, or seasonal?

4. Can you realistically build a credible site?

In plain English, this means that if a writer does not have the credentials in the kinds of niches that involve big life decisions — like health, legal, or finance — Google is willing to force their rankings much lower.

5. Can you picture yourself working for 1,000+ hours in this niche?

Do What You Love Never Work

Step #2 — Get Good at Blog Content Creation

#1. Keyword Research and Brainstorming Topics

Ahrefs Top Pages Report

#2. Reusable Content Formats

#3. Write Headlines That Get Clicks and Shares

#4. Onpage SEO

internally link pages properly, as our data study shows a very large correlation between number and quality of internal links and higher rankings.

Step #3 — Focus on Growing Your Search Traffic

Creating Instagram stories promoting your latest post is cool and fun, but you can’t deny one thing — according to industry insights by SEMRush, most blogs in most verticals acquired the majority of their traffic from searches.

Traffic To Industry Blogs By Source Ahrefs

#1. Learn How to Create a Great Site Architecture

#2. Learn How to Build Links

#3. Learn How to Grab Featured Snippets

Step #4 — Monetize With Affiliate Marketing and Advertising First

1 — Affiliate Marketing

Unfortunately, the best display ads network won’t let you in unless you have a fair amount of traffic to your website already. Which is why we tend to only implement ads after getting to about 50,000 visitors per month.

Affiliate Site Adthrive Earnings

Step #5 — Grow an Email List and an Audience

Clickbank Sales Stats

1 — Collect Emails on Your Site

The good news is, if you’ve followed our guide so far, you will have a bunch of targeted traffic on your WordPress blog. And there are plenty of ingenious ways to convince people to part ways with their personal information.

Opt-In Pop Ups
Content Upgrades

2 — Engage Your Email Subscribers and Build a Community

Mailerlite Campaigns Menu

Step #6 — Launch Your Own Offers and Digital Products

A — Identify Your Most Popular Blog Posts

The best way to build a product that generates daily sales on autopilot — and achieves that true passive income you’re probably looking for — is to build a course focused on the same topic as a popular blog post.

Google Analytics Top Pages

B — Build a Lead Magnet for That Specific Topic

Once you’ve identified some likely candidates, our goal is going to be building a lead magnet. One specific to the course topic so that it attracts leads that are the most interested in your potential course.

Lead Magnet Blog Cta

Who can make money travel blogging?

To monetize your travel blog, you must attract an audience, join the appropriate partners, and perhaps create a product or provide a service. Meeting the reader’s needs and putting your project over the top must be your priority, not the money.

The CPA model means you will earn when a visitor makes a purchase by clicking the affiliate link on your webpage, for example, buying a flight ticket, booking a hotel room, buying a backpack for travel and so on. In the affiliate market, these are called leads and webmasters get paid for generating them. To start, you must join an affiliate network. Several key players are on the market:

Travel affiliate programs

If you register with Travelpayouts, you gain access to over 100 travel brands, including well-known names, such as, TripAdvisor,, and many more. To learn more about Travelpayouts tools and how you can use them to maximize your earnings, join Travelpayouts Academy.

Join the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network

Travel CPA networks

You can work with CPA networks, such as CJ or Awin, to sell various travel products and make money with your travel blog. For example, you can join e-shops to sell clothes, power plugs, maps and so on. At this point, you should consider which products your visitors can use.

If your project is oriented toward a local market, research local players, even small ones. You may find unique opportunities for different destinations, for example, working with an exchange office and earning a commission for each traveller you attract.

Tips for increasing your conversion rate with affiliate networks

In some projects, different colours and sizes have different effects in terms of attracting visitors. For example, red can be attractive for routes to China while white is not. Some colours attract more attention but can distract visitors from the site’s content. Find a balance between your audience’s attention and comfort.

Use this information to create a content plan that covers your audience’s interests. Adjust your offers according to your visitors’ needs, which you will understand by analysing the data. Of course, don’t forget to try new things. (If, for example, you have a website about Turkey and offer “abroad” tickets such as Istanbul – Berlin, maybe your audience also needs “internal” tickets such as Istanbul – Ankara or Istanbul – Trabzon.

If you can predict what your visitors need, you can fill in the form in advance so that your visitors won’t have to think as much. The fewer steps users have to take, the higher the chances they will actually purchase the goods or services.

However, if your prediction is wrong and your visitor is not interested in the service you propose, the result may be extra effort for the visitor, whom you may lose as a result. Don’t overthink for your visitor; find a balance.

Imagine that a visitor is reading your article about travel in Japan, in which you share suggestions about where to stay. The user wants to book, but … doesn’t see an option to do so. For example, you placed a search form at the bottom of the article, where the user can’t easily find it.

In the affiliate marketing arena, many successful people make profits from travel websites. Look at their websites; analyse their advertisements, sales and placement/choice of tools. Use their successful ideas to increase your earnings.

Contextual advertising — Google AdSense

The main player in the international market is Google AdSense. If your project works with a local market in a language other than English, you can check local players such as sClick in Czech Republic, etc.

The quality of your traffic and competition between advertisers in the area affect the click outs. Average earnings in Google AdSense per 1,000 page views from the USA is $3.38, while the average click out is

Custom ads for a travel website

Another way of getting advertisers is to work on your own without an intermediary. If you have high traffic or a well-known travel blog, you can attract custom advertisers. They deal directly with you, and you earn directly from the adverts without losing commission to a middleman.

There are two ways to search for advertisers: passive and active. In the passive way, you will create a contact page on your website and wait until advertisers contact you. In the active way, you will find advertisers by sending them offers.

While sending the offers, you should individualize them for each company. It’s important to describe your website’s visitors and explain to the advertiser that your audience is right for their business. In addition, traffic statistics and your audience profile, including ages and locations, can clarify your offer to advertisers.

How much you can earn from these ads depends on many factors. However, the amount must be at least twice more than the ads on contextual advertising. You can sell not only banners but also sponsored posts. Advertisers buy them to promote their products or simply as one part of their search engine optimization strategy.


USA Adsense

AdSense Czech Republic

How to increase your conversion rate

A website’s traffic not only increases conversion but also has a huge impact on travel blog monetization. Let’s look at one situation. You have a blog with 1000 visitors daily. How much do you earn? Three to five dollars on a good day? If you increase the conversion rate, you could earn more from the same number of visitors.

In Google AdSense, you earn by clicks, so you must persuade your visitors to click the ads. Of course, openly persuading your visitors to do so is against AdSense’s rules. Instead, test various methods and choose the best one. Following are some ideas for improving your conversion in Google AdSense:

After testing, some affiliates see that their income level decreases. If this happens, you can return to the default conditions, as they could already be the best ones. However, do not give up right away; if you start the test, wait at least 3-5 days to get the full picture.


How much money can you make from blogging?

It depends. With the right monetization strategy and decent traffic, you can make between US800,000 to US$5,000 per month. If you run a high-traffic blog that gets millions of page views every month, it’s not impossible to achieve US$20,000 or above in monthly recurring income. Successful bloggers can make over US$100,000/month.

How do beginner bloggers make money?

For those just getting started, the easiest way to make money is to offer a service. For instance, if you’re blogging about marketing, consider offering marketing consultancy services to startups and small businesses (P.S. this tactic can be applied to any niche). Once you build a reputation and traffic levels increase, you can include ads, digital products, and affiliate links in your blog.


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