Domywriting Review – Is It The Right Writing Service for Your Needs?

domywriting review logo guarantees to offer high-quality papers, timely delivery, and professional assistance round the clock. Through this review, we would like to discuss our experience with the company, what we think of its services.

We have also assessed various customer reviews and testimonials. Considering that they are pretty new, we suspect that the company doesn’t have too much experience in the area. So, keep on reading to know whether Do My Writing is a fraud or scam or not.

Evaluating the Quality of the Services

Without a doubt, estimating the quality of a company’s services is an important consideration. From what we’ve seen on the website, Domywriting offers services targeted to graduate and college students. Papers such as book reports, critiques, term papers, essays, lab reports and others are included in their list of services.

So, we ordered an essay. Regrettably, though, the manner in which the paper presented itself was appalling. We found a multitude of grammatical and spelling errors.

We reckon that this is unacceptable especially as the company states on its website that it hires skilled writers, only. And that is not all; incorrect word usage was also a problem.

Simply put, the paper we got couldn’t have been submitted; at the very least it couldn’t have brought us an acceptable, let alone high grade. That being said, we can assure you that the testimonials and reviews written on aren’t truthful.

Customer Support Assistance and the Writers’ Expertise

Regardless of our concern with the writing quality, our writer was civil and professional. He gave us immediate answers and tried to do his best. We suspect that he was acquainted with the subject of the essay. However, he lacked the English skill to complete an excellent paper.

Regarding customer support assistants, they were equally helpful and polite. Nevertheless, when we complained about the poor quality of the paper, we weren’t offered a refund or revisions. They even said that there was nothing they could do about that.

Pricing System, Discounts, and Other Offers

The prices on Do My Writing reviews are just a tad below average. This, in fact, could be the explanation for the poor quality. Low prices often equal unsuitable quality. Additionally, there are a bunch of discounts listed on the website, depending on the total amount of the order. Notwithstanding, if you want to benefit from those offers, you have to place a considerably large order. As for coupon codes or a special promo code, there weren’t any. Still, this is the least problematic aspect of Do My Writing.

We also found a useful blog on the website. Surprisingly enough, the content there is pretty okay. The topics addressed in the articles are intriguing, and the posts are well-composed.


For the most part, our rating for is low. Although the blog posts on the website are well-written, this doesn’t make up for the fact that the essay we received was horrific. If you’re looking for a firm that supplies high-quality papers, you should look elsewhere.

Buyessayfriend Analysis – Find Out More About This Company

Buyessayfriend review

Finally, we have a new essay writing company that is based in UK or so it seems. offers essays for students of any level of education, so you get the general reviews, term papers, research and projects and other formats. There are many attractive things for students regarding their services.

So, without further ado, here is the review of Buyessayfriend services, prices, testimonials and so on. Did we just stumble upon a decent essay writing company? We will see in a couple of minutes.

Our First Impression

When we visited the company’s website for the first time, we were pleased. Everything looks clean; it has an excellent structure; in other words, it is well done. However, upon further inspection, we found out that there are many instances in which the options and description are poorly written.

And we are not saying that the writing is boring, we are talking about the fact that there are some grammar issues. We already have a bad feeling about this because it isn’t the first time we found out that a US or UK company is created by someone who has weak English skills.

We wanted to examine the sample essays to see what the company is all about. We encountered the same situation, the essays were poorly written, had a lot of grammatical and compositional errors, and some were structured in a non-academic manner.

Let’s Get Down to Business

We figured that we spent enough time analyzing the site; it was time to experience the company’s services. Before placing an order, we found out that the company offers no information of value regarding its writers. We ordered a five-page essay anyway.

What we can say is that the service respected our instructions and that they delivered the product on time. We cannot say the same about the quality of the writing, though. It is mediocre at best, and the information used from the resources is basic in all its meaning. We couldn’t use this essay for an exam or presentation.

Prices, Freebies, Discounts

Get your British pounds ready because if you don’t have that kind of currency, you will need to convert it. The site doesn’t have a currency converter, so you will have to put the extra effort. For the essay, we paid forty pounds, and the fifteen percent discount made a difference.

There were no coupon codes or anything related to a promo code, though. There are also freebie services like free title, free bibliography, etc. It’s the usual stuff, nothing special.

Is It Worth It?

We wished this company delivered quality essays, but the customer reviews were right. In fact, even the low rating that this company has on other review sites should indicate that the service is not what it seems. All we can say is that the business is not a fraud or scam.


Buy Essay Friend could’ve been much better, but sadly, it only provides mediocre essays at best. If you don’t care about your mark and want a cheap essay, then you are safe.